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êtres pieds nus

etres pied nus 2012 AW

Brand Name:  êtres pieds nus

Hana’s Note: Everyday basics in flattering proportions, Seiko Namikawa’s  minimalist designs are made with fabrics exclusively created for the brand. Her poetic sensibilities reflect on her past experiences as fabric designer for Margaret Howell Japan.

Official Website: http://www.etrepiedsnus.com/index.html

Online Shopping: http://envelope.co.jp/index_en_jpy_8-113.html

etres pieds nus AW 2012


Images: Margaret Howell Winter 2013


Non-Japanese Slow Fashion Brand: Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell UK S/S 2013

Brand Name: Margaret Howell

Brand Concept: 

{Quote taken from the official website}

“I think of myself as a hands-on designer. For me make is integral to my design philosophy. It is crucial how a piece of clothing feels when worn. I’ve always wanted clothes to be the way I drew them – relaxed and lived in, a natural look. I find men’s clothes interesting in their structure, feel and functionality. I started by designing men’s clothes, and then found that women wanted them.

I’m inspired by the authenticity I can find in nature, people and places, and I think it is the same quality I look for in the materials I choose. For example, the feel of hand-woven Harris tweed and the irregular slub of Irish linen. I feel passionate about landscape, and its connection with such fabrics and the skilled people who weave them.

I like to work with manufacturers who understand and share this passion for make and quality of fabric: specialists such as John Smedley in fine-gauge knitwear, Mackintosh and their part hand-made raincoats, and the Scottish knitting factories that continue their heritage of producing the best cashmere in the world.

I also find these qualities in other people’s work. In 1970 I was encouraged by finding – at a jumble sale – and old, yet finely stitched pinstripe shirt. Today I still find it exciting to hunt out objects I consider to be well-made and enduring. In particular, mid-20th century products such as Anglepoise lamps, Ercol furniture, and Robert Welch stainless steel cutlery, represent the best of our heritage of timeless functional design.

I enjoy pulling these threads of British tradition, quality and skill together in clothes that are meant to be worn in the real world, where good design is about living with thoughtful style.”

Hana’s Note:

There is also a separate collection made exclusively for the Japanese market. Though the designs are overseen by Howell, they lack the carefree essence that I so much love in the UK collection. A tad bit too Kawaii, I wish the Japanese designs could retain the no-nonsense practicality that is Margaret Howell.

Official Website:



Margaret Howell UK S/S 2013 Linen Jacket

Sophie no Mama: PS2


Lisette Melina blouse  リゼッタ メリーナ ブラウス

OMNIGOD bubble skirt  オムニゴッド バブル スカート

Ecco Jab Maryjane  エコー ストラップ シューズ


Vintage Miriam Haskell brooch  ビンテージ ミリアム ハスケル ブローチ

Sophie no Mama: personal style

I just needed time to get away and think for a few weeks.

So much joy, so much beauty

Spring is in the air

Eileen Fisher knitted cotton snood

Eileen Fisher cotton snood

アイリーン フィッシャー コットン スヌード


Lisette Ebuline linen dress

Uniqlo cropped Jeans

Ecco Sculptured Lace shoes

リゼッタ エブリーン ワンピース

ユニクロ クロップド ジーンズ

エコー Sculptured ストラップシューズ



ikkuna: Images

ikkuna 2012 A/W Campaignikkuna zozo.jpikkuna 2013 A/W campaign

ikkuna by Takayuki Suzuki

ikkuna Webshop

Brand Name: ikkuna

Brand Concept: 

{Quote taken from the official website}

“ikkuna/suzuki takayuki wishes that a lot of people have more chance to feel the kindness and tenderness of organic cotton through what we believe as fashion.

ikkuna means “window” in Finnish

We believe we should be making a relationship through “window”

In order to achieve the fashion of ikkuna/suzuki takayuki, there is so much passion and the full value of quality for every making process such as growing cotton, spinning a thread, weaving and sewing.

Please enjoy not only ecology of cotton, but heartful and tenderness of fine quality clothing made by so many manufacturers.”

Hana’s Note: Quiet, airy and pure, Suzuki’s unprovocative designs prove year after year that true stylishness requires little effort by the wearer.

Official Website: http://ikkuna.jp/index.html

ikkuna sleeveless dress

Christian Peau

Christian Peau velvet vest 2013Christian Peau beige linen dress  2013

Brand Name: Christian Peau

Hana’s Note: Since 2002, Junji Koike has created a brand that is almost contradictory in nature — raw yet polished, artisanal yet avant-garde. Conveying intensity and unsettling stillness, the brand’s handmade leather shoes and accessories are inspired by 19th century Europe.  Known mostly in Japan for his Women’s bag collections and for Men’s shoe collections in the West, I was surprised to find out recently that Christian Peau had an apparel division.

The company is based in Kobe, Japan.

Official Website: http://www.christianpeau.com

Online Shopping: http://zozotown.com/_search/?tb_id=3210

Christian Peau Women leather jacket 2013Christian Peau lace-up shoes 2013

The Little Grey Dress(es)

Lisette 2013 Emilienne dress/ closeup

Emilienne dress by Lisette

Glenda dress by Lisette

Glenda dress by Lisette

Linen Dungaree Wrap dress by nestRobe

Linen Dungaree Wrap dress by nestRobe

Hemp linen straight drop dress by evam eva

Hemp linen straight drop dress by evam eva

mudoca: Images

mudoca Walkure blouse

Walkure blouse

mudoca vest

mudoca jacket

はりぼての誘惑 coat

mudoca red dress closeup

支度のステップ dress

mudoca white blouse closeup
一閃のものさし blouse