ikkuna by Takayuki Suzuki

by asuburbantale

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Brand Name: ikkuna

Brand Concept: 

{Quote taken from the official website}

“ikkuna/suzuki takayuki wishes that a lot of people have more chance to feel the kindness and tenderness of organic cotton through what we believe as fashion.

ikkuna means “window” in Finnish

We believe we should be making a relationship through “window”

In order to achieve the fashion of ikkuna/suzuki takayuki, there is so much passion and the full value of quality for every making process such as growing cotton, spinning a thread, weaving and sewing.

Please enjoy not only ecology of cotton, but heartful and tenderness of fine quality clothing made by so many manufacturers.”

Hana’s Note: Quiet, airy and pure, Suzuki’s unprovocative designs prove year after year that true stylishness requires little effort by the wearer.

Official Website: http://ikkuna.jp/index.html

ikkuna sleeveless dress