maison de soil

by asuburbantale

maison de soil AW 2012 Quilted smocked dress

Brand Name: maison de soil

Brand Concept:

{Quote taken from the official website}

“We take GENUINE, HANDIWORK, and LEISURELY as our guiding concepts and create individually handcrafted garments, a luxury imaginable only in Asia.
Because our garments are handmade, we are unable to mass-produce our garments, and our collections are necessarily small.
Every item in our collections exudes the warmth of the human touch, featuring sophisticated handiwork and patient needlework on traditional fabric by skilled craftspeople.
Our designs, inspired by vintage costumes, are not excessively eccentric or showy.
Rather they are a perfect balance between highly wearable designs and the goodness of traditional fabrics.”

Hana’s Note: Though maison de soil’s collection is very chic in an understated way, most women will look like they are wearing retro maternity wear unless they really know how to style themselves. If you’ve experienced the ’60s firsthand, it is probably a good idea to stay away from this brand — especially their dresses. Natural Style enthusiast often pair their looks with Birkenstocks, but in this case, sleek, modern accessories and intimidating heels are in order.

Official Website:

maison de soul AW 2012