Omas Hände

by asuburbantale

Omas Hande 2013

Brand Name: Omas Hände

Brand Concept: Omas Hände means Grandma’s hands in German. The designer, Aki Yoneda grew up wearing clothes that her grandmother use to make for her. She wants to convey that feeling of warmth and love in her designs.

Hana’s Note: Yoneda, a designer and popular model just began this brand last year. So far, the bulky hand knitted multicolored alpaca socks are my favorites. The detailed stitchings on the garments are quite exquisite too.

Official Website:

Omas Hande Article 2012 Autumn

Article on 2012 Autumn issue of Otona de Kawaii Natural Fuku

Omas Hande 2012 Layered skirts