Liniere: Natural Style Bibles

by asuburbantale

Natural Style Magazine: Liniere

Publisher: Takarajima

Published on a monthly basis, Liniere or リンネル is probably the most popular magazine in the Natural Style genre. Each issue comes with a freebie bag or pouch designed exclusively by top slow fashion brands. Launched in 2010, the magazine covers topics from fashion, slow food, restaurant/shop reviews to sewing. Rather than using professional models, Natural Style magazines tend to feature press agents. Some have become stars in their own right — nest Robe’s Kazuyo Takiguchi being the most popular. Liniere’s core readers are in their mid-twenties to late thirties.

Official Website:

On the official website,  you’ll be able to read about a dozen pages of the current and past issues for free. Just look for the pink icon as below.

Liniere Tachiyomi Icon