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ARTS & SCIENCE A/W 2012 White Peacoat

Brand Name: ARTS & SCIENCE

Brand Concept:

{Quote taken from the official website}

“ARTS&SCIENCE, shop & brand which bases itself in Tokyo, offers a Lifestyle as a whole with fashion as one important essence. -To Wear, To Dwell, and To Eat-
A&S offers its clients an alternative ‘luxury’ from the norm with its unique approach.

The owner and also the creative director Sonya Park, who also works as a fashion stylist, believes that only ‘genuine quality’ can mature and starts to carry personal value and age and time only adds to the perfection of the quality. This leads to her philosophy that fashion is a ‘tool’ in daily life rather than a ‘tool’ for vanity. This idea is evident throughout A&S brand not just in the category of fashion but all aspects of merchandize whether it is originally produced or selected domestically or internationally.

A&S’s original collection, mainly clothing, is created with ideas from “Men’s, Vintage, Work and Ethnic Wear”, which Park believes this is where the bases for all good fashion ideas lays. Also comfort and ‘good-aging’ of materials, like in those of old vintage denim, are crucial when clothes are treated as a tool and is subjected to constant wearing. Pursuing those qualities led to highly skilled craftworks of Japanese artisans whether it’s handwoven fabric or a skilled work of a tailor.

A&S is aiming to cultivate a belief that shops are not merely a place of commerce but a agile media that gives chances for merchandizers to express and communicate. With internet shopping becoming such a norm, a shop as a media that would give its audience an experience through seeing, touching, smelling, hearing and tasting, is a very basic essence of human life which seems to have become less essential in recent years. By offering such experience, A&S hope to give our audience an experience of luxury only time can buy.”

Hana’s Note: Since 2003, Sonya Park has been designing a collection that’s a little retro, a little vintage — very much a garçon look. For me, her taste is crisp, fresh and unfussy. The color blue and a well pressed shirt always come to mind.

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