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Kagure A/W 2012 Image book Vlas Blomme herringbone jacket, Kagure gathered shirt

Brand Name: Kagure

Brand Concept:

{Quote taken from the official website}

“”Kagure” started in 2008 in the Omote Sando area as the first shop specializing in Ethical Fashion wear and craft work. Environmentally friendly outfits made of natural materials are featured in our distinctive collection. We present vintage handmade pottery and home workshop tools (“Mingu”) from all over Japan for our selection. By nurturing natural life, we celebrate our association with the earth in the vast city surroundings of the Tokyo Metropolitan region.

The word “Kagure” derives from “Manyoushu”, the oldest Japanese book of ancient literature. The word “Kagure” means “Harmonious Kinship”. This implies the primary connection the Japanese have formed with their native land. “Kagure” is named in hope to draw together the spirit and wisdom we inherited from past times.

We present art exhibitions for quality craftwork and provide exclusive workshops for pottery, yoga and cooking. We are dedicated to bringing ideal products for the body and mind. Our aim is to provide local goods to customers valuing sustainable lifestyles in global earth environments.”

Hana’s Note: Kagure also has an organic cotton clothing line often featured on Natural Style themed fashion magazines. Their clothes are sold through the Urban Research web store (UR is a well respected nation-wide chain of fashion brands in Japan). It might be frustrating to navigate through their Japanese-only website,  but it does state in English that it is possible to buy their products from abroad using Tenso.com.

Official Website: http://www.kagure.jp/eng/#aboutus

Online Shopping: http://www.urban-research.jp/kagure/

Kagure A/W 2012 Image book Kagure herringbone rib socks and room shoesKagure A/W 2012 Image book Kristensen dress