Jurgen Lehl

by asuburbantale

Jurgen Lehl A/W 2012 Milano Rib

Brand Name: Jurgen Lehl

Brand Concept:  “I don’t want to make things which will harm nature or be environmentally unfriendly. As far as I create things, I try to make things that will last for a long time”

Hana’s Note: German textile designer turned fashion designer has been working in Japan since 1971. His practical designs are illuminated by his beautiful fabrics. As one can see through his custom designed mannequins with average asian physique — rather short, square shouldered, a flatter body and shorter, plumper legs — he focuses on creating clothes that flatter his core customer’s figures. Over the years, this brand unfortunately has come to have a dowdy image. It is a shame as many of their high quality garments are still effortless, modern and made of exquisite fabrics.

Official Website: http://www.jurgenlehl.jp/en/

Online Shopping: http://www.jurgenlehlshop.jp/index.en.html

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