Non-Japanese Slow Fashion Brand: muku

by asuburbantale

muku A/W 2012 Gray fine stripes pants w/ braces

Brand Name: muku

Brand Concept:

{Quote taken from the official website}

“MUKU is made by two young artists living under the same roof, sharing the joy of raising their 2 years old daughter. Creating together, inspiring each other… These clothes are less about fashion and more about the way of living. It`s about balance between form and function with each product being designed with your child in mind. Cosy muted tones with accents of colour, freedom of motion, carefully selected natural fabrics – it`s all MUKU.”

“The new muku fall 12 / winter 13 collection was inspired by ethnic and rural attire details, old portraits of women, and the wonder of a sunless puppet theater stage. The mood for this collection is set by theatrical, Chekhov like, atmosphere – wood, murk and contained shades, one clear character in an empty, mystical scene. The style is both romantic and straightforward, slightly dramatic.

Blithe childhood, a slip shoulder strap, faintly loose clothes, as if left by an elder brother, snug play in a warmth of a candlelight, winter gloom outside a window…”

Hana’s Note: The duo design team creates humble yet most poignant clothes. Profoundly moving, their collection takes you through childhood memories — the joy of running through dewy fields, stomping on fallen leaves, the laughters, the tears and the first well-kept secret. I’ve fallen so head over heels in love with their sensitivity that If I could, I would buy the whole winter collection.

MUKU clothes are designed and made in Lithuania using Lithuanian fabrics.

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muku A/W 2012 Collare dress