Vlas Blomme

by asuburbantale

Brand Name: Vlas Blomme

Brand Concept: In Flemish, Vlas Blomme means flax flower. Using mostly high grade linen called Kortrijk from the Flanders region of Belgium (which is known for its centuries old flax industry), they emphasize on creating clothing that feel comfortable on the skin. Their signature look has a worn-in, relaxed silhouette.

“Pure, natural, rich, comfortable, gentle gift of nature”

Hana’s Note: Their look is more vintage newsboy meets Japanese aesthetics than vintage milkmaid. Linen fabrics with surprisingly different textures are manipulated into conveying various degrees of emotions and moods.

Official Website: http://www.ajp-onlineshop.com

Stockist List: http://www.a-j-p.co.jp/shoplist_overseas.html

Vlas Blomme A/W 2012 Daisy Loop pantsVlas Blomme A/W 2012 linen wool hakama pants