by asuburbantale

Brand Name: OXYMORON

Brand Concept: Slow Food, homemade

Hana’s Note: OXYMORON is a cafe that serves freshly made desserts and wholesome curries. Unlike Japanese curries known in the West, theirs are made from scratch taking every ingredient in consideration. This thoughtfulness and care combined with their aesthetic choices — as in the original cups and dishes designed by Yumiko Iihoshi — embodies what I consider to be Japanese Natural Style.

Iihoshi’s blue-grey creations have a meditative, soulful attraction to them. The greatness of these unpretentious designs are that they can be used for both Asian and Western cuisines.

Original goods can be purchased at  the Envelope web/store  or in the OXYMORON cafe in Kamakura, Japan.

Brand Website: www.oxymoron.jp