by asuburbantale

KAPITAL fleece asymmetry skirt

Brand Name: KAPITAL

Brand Concept:

{Quote taken from the official website}

“In addition to our love for handicraft items, craftsmanship, vintage clothing, and denim, there is also a very precious, yet somewhat unknown aspect of KAPITAL that is very collaborative driven. ”

“From the help of photographers to artists, musicians to translators, and a plethora of other artists and companies, KAPITAL’s image and vision for apparel has been added to and changed, and these changes can be seen through a variety of collaborated works. Years have passed since our company opened in Kojima Kurashiki in 1984. At that time, we were “Capital”, a sewing factory and lover of craftsmanship, and our passion for handicraft and “monozukuri” (craftsmanship) has never wavered.”

Hana’s Note: KAPITAL is most well known for their jeans. From design, “thread and dyeing, materials, sewing and washing, all the way up to production”, all their denim garments are made in Okayama, the selvage denim capital of the world. They own three factories (In Fukushima and Okayama) and you can feel their pride and effort in each piece they create. They are not officially a Natural Style brand, but they hold a very similar spirit in their concept and many of their silhouettes.

Brand Website: http://kapital-global.jp