by asuburbantale

Brand Name: GASA*

Brand Concept:

{Quote taken from the official website}

“GASA means gauze in Spanish.
Gauze feels nice and soft.
It is the first fabric which a baby touches.
And it is used for wound and injury.
Though it is fine and thin as a fabric, it has gentleness and strength to wrap people around warmly and carefully.
We have made it our brand name hoping our products to have such gentleness and strength.
Furthermore, with the symbol mark “*” on the right side of the name, we express the color of the sea and the light reflected on its surface.
By the mark, we express our desire for our products to be borderless like the sea.”

Hana’s Note: As the official website states, there is something sincere and earthy about their designs. I’m not a great fan of their avant-garde or overly saccharin pieces, but their simpler dresses and separates have a gentle, nurturing strength that is hard to resist. For women fighting against the wind, searching for what’s right to them.

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