by asuburbantale

Brand Name: Omnigod

Brand Concept:

{Quote taken from the official website}


Hana’s Note: I started taking interest in Natural Style when I saw Omnigod’s bubble skirts on the web. Instead of creating a matronly feel, the bell shape made even midi length denim skirts look kawaii and fun. I desperately wanted the skirts, but felt uncomfortable in buying them on Global Rakuten Market, a Japanese website comparable to eBay. When I finally got to return to Japan this year, I bought three skirts in chino, plaid and denim. They all wash and wear well. The bubble shape is also ideal — they stay where they should be, even on a windy day! In the Daikanyama/Tokyo boutique, I tried on a couple of their pants, but found the cuts unflattering. I’ve noticed that in general, Natural Style brands are better at designing slouchy, loose silhouettes, not tailored. All their clothes are manufactured in Okayama, Japan — the birthplace of premium Japanese Selvage denim.

Official Website:

Omnigod bubble skirt/closeup

Omnigod stripe skirt/closeup

Omnigod plaid bubble skirt and cardigan